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  • Neighborhood: Coney Island/Midwood/Gravsend


    Preschool Full Address: 2585 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223


    School Description:

    As it stands today, Sunny Skies Preschool has become a trusted institution where families have the confidence to leave their most precious assets in our hands. Parents have come to rely on our reputation for quality services that extend that of childcare.  In our center children not only receive good care but also the added bonus of an education, social and self-help skills; we have had children go onto advanced, gifted and talented programs because of what and how they learn while at Sunny Skies.We strive to teach the whole child at all times and make every moment a learning experience not only for the children in attendance but for the families as well, we all become involved to benefit the children.  In Sunny Skies Preschool we take pride in our tradition of excellence for the families we serve.

    School Philosophy:

    At Sunny Skies Preschool, we use an empowering curriculum known as High Scope. With High Scope, students and teachers explore through structured hands-on experiences–as research proves it is a balanced approach to education with young children by enhancing growth academically as well as socially, physically, emotionally and creatively. There are also important emphasis on adult-child interaction and relationship and organized learning environment. Here at Sunny Skies Preschool, we ensure quality classroom environments and great personal interactions among students and teachers.


    We accept children ages 2-5 years old.


    Offered Programs:





    Application Process (brief explanation of process):


    At Sunny Skies Preschool, we always make things easy for our families, registering is no exception. The fastest and easiest way is by calling our hotline and speaking to one of our wonderful representatives that will guide you in this process. Here is our full enrollment process:


    We encourage all families to submit the following paperwork:

    -Children US Birth Certificate (all children in household under age 18), Copy of children’s Social Security Card (optional), Two (2) proof of address (recent light bill/gas bill/copy of lease), if employed, paystubs and/or CS 1069 Form

    Our registration forms include:

    -Parent’s contact information, Emergency contact information, Listed friends/family members who are allowed to pick up your child (we confirm their identification!), medical care consent, outdoor permission consent and picture release consent forms, credit card form (to have on file), medical examination form (lead, hearing and vision testing must be completed), family health history form, food stamp/monthly income form, and parent’s obligations checklist.

    Information pages, which you keep include daily schedule, student materials list, birthday party checklist, and list of school closings on federal holidays.

  • Coney Island / Gravesend / Sheepshead Bay / Midwood

    2585 Coney Island Ave.
    Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223


Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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