Sunny skies preschool started off as a childhood dream of its Educational Director, Margarycel Nunez.  As a child in the Dominican Republic, she always gathered her friends and stuffed animals for some ‘school-house play’, as years progressed that fantasy became a reality.  At the young age of fifteen, just having been in America for two years, she was appointed to be an in-classroom tutor for a learning disabled student in her High School, FDR in Brooklyn.


Upon graduating in 1997 she went to Borough of Manhattan Community College where she received an associates in Early childhood Education, then onto City College for the Bachelors’ degree and then to the center for integrated teachers education for a double Masters in Education and Special Education.  While attending college full time, she also worked full time as a waitress in the city in order to pay her living expenses, college tuition and save to establish a Daycare center to be called Sunny Skies Preschool.


Her childhood dreams became a reality in December 4th of 2006, when after much struggle the first location was opened in Brooklyn, NY.  Little by little the preschool filled up with smiling faces, and an American dream that was many times thought to be impossible to attain, became the reality that now many families in the community get to enjoy.


As it stands today, Sunny Skies Preschool has become a trusted Sunset Park institution where families have the confidence to leave their most precious assets in our hands. Parents have come to rely on our reputation for quality services that extend that of childcare.  In our center children not only receive good care but also the added bonus of an education, social and self-help skills; we have had children go onto advanced, gifted and talented programs because of what and how they learn while at Sunny Skies.


We strive to teach the whole child at all times and make every moment a learning experience not only for the children in attendance but for the families as well, we all become involved to benefit the children.  In Sunny Skies Preschool we take pride in our tradition of excellence for the families we serve.