After School

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  • In addition to formal instruction, Sunny Skies Preschool offers its students a wide range of after-school activities to choose from. These voluntary extracurricular activities allow students to delve deeper into their personal interests, while applying classroom content practically. In doing so, they build confidence and maturity.

    Overview of Extra-curricular Activities


    While learning about music, instruments, rhythm and beats children develop basic math and science skills, not to mention coordination skills that stay with them for life. Music is often played in the background as well as a subject matter.


    Together with the love of music that we teach dancing is second nature in our every day lessons. There is free movement throughout the day as well as teacher-oriented instruction.

    Karate Lessons

    Sunny Skies Preschool has teamed up with TIGER BEN’S TAE KWAN DO in order to provide our children the opportunity to enjoy practicing this amazing discipline.

    The classes will be held at convenient hours while the children are in school, Sunny Skies staff will take the children to and from the class which alleviates the parents schedule so they can enjoy their children without having to rush from school to school.

    The studio is located a block away from our Borough Park location at 4406 Fort Hamilton Parkway with Master Benjamin Ha.


    Friday’s are fun at Sunny Skies Preschool. The children have plenty of time to complete an art project that is relevant to the seasons and holidays. Children mingle and create their own creative work using paint, glue, various papers, glitter, and scissors while using thier fine motor skills and having fun.