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About Sunny Skies Preschool
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Sunny Skies Preschool, located in Sunset Park Brooklyn, Borough Park Brooklyn, Midwood Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn,Prospect Heights Brooklyn.
    Our mission is to provide the families we serve with a program that fulfills the educational, emotional and social needs of their children in a fun, loving and safe environment. The children thrive in the curriculum especially designed by Sunny Skies Preschool.
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    • Our School Mission

      Our mission is to educate the whole child by integrating high academics with ethics and socialization. We give all children that come to us the tools they will need beyond their preschool experience, both in their future at school as well as in their personal relationships, understanding the impact that we can have in children’s lives and making every moment into a teachable experience.

    • The Sunny Skies Philosophy

      Ethics, self-awareness and individualism are at the core of our lesson plans and daily activities; children who attend our program learn firsthand how to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. We take an age-appropriate approach to teaching them the joys of being self sufficient and independent by teaching them manners, personal hygiene and respect for oneself and others while giving them the nurturing, loving care that every child needs.

    • We Deliver On Projects

      It is our job to complete all goals we set out for our students who attend sunny skies preschool as well as reach the goals set in place by the parents of our students. As educators we find every way possible to reach these goals set for every individual child. As educators we know that every child is different and they are all unique. We teach to benefit the child as a whole.

    • The Sunny Skies Promise

      Here at Sunny Skies Preschool we promise to give our students with a fun and loving environment. As educators we promise to give students who attend Sunny Skies Preschool the best possible preschool experience along with tools that will help them become life long learners. We educate our students not only to succeed academically but to also succeed socially and emotionally.

    • Alice Rios
      Educational Coordinator
    • Khalia Booth
    • Margarycel Nuñez
      CEO & Founder
    • Pia Serra
      Assistent Teacher
    • Mark McCook
    • Drusila Colon
    • Khalia Booth
    • Chantel Chapman
      Assistant Teacher
    • STEM room activity
      Steam Room art activity was based on St. Patrick’s day and Spring. They painted things they see on St. Patrick’s [...]
      We had such an amazing time celebrating Halloween at Sunny Skies Preschool. All children and teachers all got dressed up [...]
    • Birthday in Kindergarten
      Magna est consectetur interdum modest dictum. Curabitur est faucibus, malesuada esttincidunt etos et mauris, nunc a libero govum est cuprum [...]
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