4th OF JULY class project

July 09, 2014

For our class project, we created “Uncle Sam” in which he is known as a symbol to America. He supplied to the army during the war to help the United States win their independence. The project was based on our upcoming holiday 4th OF JULY. The children were supplied with a plastic plate, cotton balls, red, white and blue construction paper, star shape puncher, colorful pom poms, sticker eyes, black marker, glue and scissors. I provided the children with the bow stencil and hat stencil, in which they used the scissors to cut out the bow and hat. They then placed the cotton balls around the plate to make it as his “beard”. The colorful pom poms were used for the nose, they then placed the sticker eyes according to where they belong. Lastly they placed the hat and bow, and Uncle Sam was created.

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