• A Day at Sunny Skies

      Fun, exploration and socialization are at the forefront in our teaching methods. Throughout the day, children and staff engage in child-led activities. We adapt our teaching methods to the individual learning styles.

    • Curriculum

      At Sunny Skies Preschool, we use the latest research in brain development and education to select the best curriculum possible to meet the needs of our students while complying with all state and city mandates of high quality instruction.

    • Universal Pre-K

      UPK provides four-year-old children access, at no charge, to comprehensive early childhood education experiences that promote their social-emotional, creative expressive/aesthetic, physical, cognitive, linguistic and cultural development.

    • Center Near You

      Find a Sunny Skies Preschool Near you. We are located in New York Sunset Park Brooklyn, Borough Park Brooklyn, Midwood Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, Prospect Heights Brooklyn, Lower East Side New York City

  • Welcome to SunnySkies Preschool

    A multi-cultural center for the children of the world!
  • Enroll Your Child to Sunny Skies Preschool

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    Full Day Sessions

    Sunny Skies Preschool offers enriched full day educational programs starting at 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday.
    Universal Pre-K & Early Learn NYC

    Qualified parents now have the opportunity to apply for Universal Pre-K and Early Learn NYC. Universal Pre-K is a free full day program for children who were born in 2015. Early Learn enables our qualified parents to Free or reduced full day childcare.

    Our mission is to educate the whole child by integrating high academics with ethics and socialization. We give all children that come to us the tools they will need beyond their preschool experience, both in their future at school as well as in their personal relationships, understanding the impact that we can have in children’s lives and making every moment into a teachable experience.

    The Sunny Skies Promise
    Here at Sunny Skies Preschool we promise to give our students with a fun and loving environment. As educators we promise to give students who attend Sunny Skies Preschool the best possible preschool experience along with tools that will help them become life long learners.

    The Sunny Skies Philosophy
    Ethics, self-awareness and individualism are at the core of our lesson plans and daily activities; children who attend our program learn firsthand how to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. We take an age-appropriate approach to teaching them the joys of being self sufficient and independent.

    • Sunny Skies Preschool is a great place for my daughter to start her schooling experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

      Maureen Campbell
    • I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old who have been attending for a year now. I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate all of the wonderful staff.

      Nicole S.
    • This letter is to recognize you and your staff for doing an excellent job teaching my son. His skill level is significantly better since attending Sunny Skies Preschool.

      Ms. Jackson
    • Sunny Skies is a wonderful school! My son loves it here,the teachers are caring and great. I couldn’t have been happier with any other school.

      Ms. Soto
  • We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Positive and safe learning environment for your child
    • Dedicated staff with an abundance of love to give each and every child
    • Safe, clean, fully equipped classrooms
    • Learning & Fun
    • Healthy Meals
    • Friendly Place
    • Children Safety
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