Monthly Food Menu

  •     Sunny Skies Preschool ensures quality education, as well as nutritious meals for all students. We have entrusted a valued, and CACFP regulated catering company in Sunset Park, Brooklyn neighborhood  which caters to many Public Schools and many other Preschool’s, Daycare centers. The catering company is Regina Caterers Inc. located on 6409 11th Avenue. For the past four years, Regina Caterers have supplied full nutritious meals, which include fresh fruit, 1% milk, water and full portioned breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Breakfast meals would include wholegrain waffle and pancake, wholegrain raisin bread, and bagel with cream cheese.
    • Lunch meals would include Italian meatballs with pasta and broccoli, chicken fajita and soft taco wrap, and cheese and tomato pizza with tossed salad.
    • Dinner meals would include grilled chicken breast with rice and vegetables, Italian stuffed shells with ricotta cheese and marinara sauce and vegetables.

    Sunny Skies Preschool incorporates “Family Style Dining”. Students are encouraged to assist meal preparation, giving out plates, utensils, as well as be independent with serving their own portion of food as they sit together with classmates and teachers. Teachers solely place components of food in serving dishes for students. Best part of the day at Sunny Skies Preschool is meal time–children enjoy the nutritious and delicious food and share quality time with others around them as they converse about various topics.

    April Food Menu